Don't Go Home Empty Handed

Our unique gift shop has something for everyone in Grand Rapids, MI

You don't want to show up to a party with a generic gift. That's why Periwinkle Fog is excited to offer a great selection of items that will show your friends and family you shopped with them in mind. Our unique gift shop in Grand Rapids, MI welcomes locals and travelers looking for that special something.

When you browse our shelves and racks, you'll stumble upon:

Come get lost in the world of modern, high-quality and affordable gifts.

Don't forget to get yourself a little something too on your way out.

Events and Vendors

Support local artists at our Third Thursday events.

Apparel and Accessories

Browse our selection of Michigan apparel and unique accessories.

Art and Paper Goods

Pick the perfect piece of consignment art from our local talent.

Games and More

Find something fun for your upcoming game night.

Give a timeless gift that will never go out of style

With texting and email at our fingertips, it can be easy to forget about pen and paper. But when you browse the handmade paper goods at Periwinkle Fog, you're sure to find something exciting. Stationery also makes a timeless gift because people will always adore the personalization of a handwritten note.

While you're here, be sure to see what we have from artists local to our area. We're excited for you to see what they're creating.

Who is Periwinkle Fog?

You may be wondering just what Periwinkle Fog is. We are a unique gift shop located in beautiful Grand Rapids, MI. Our female-owned business began because of the passion of two best friends who love working together. Because we are right on Lake Michigan, we're always welcoming tourists and travelers. And what do tourists love to do? Shop for the perfect gift or souvenir.

Whether you've lived here all your life or are just passing through, come see our fun selection of items. We look forward to meeting you.